What We Do...

Practical Music Tuition

Learning to understand the joy and power of music as a skill for life is our main aim; a large part of our work helping us to achieve this is through specialist tuition using a wide range of musical instruments. We do not offer individual instrumental lessons, rather give children access to learning musical skills using a variety of instruments.

Wider Opportunities

We began our Wider Opportunities programmes in the Primary Schools in 2004, initially with just a violin programme.  Since then we have developed many programmes and now every pupil in KS2 in Cyprus MOD Schools receives at least a term of specialist, whole-class music tuition using trumpets, cornets, tenor horns, french horns, guitars, ukulele, violin or cello.  In addition we run drum circles (djembe), samba programmes and some vocal support for classes or Key Stages.  

Music Technology

In addition to the Wider Opportunities (instrumental) programmes we have introduced class music technology programmes, mainly in Y6 and focusing on the use of iPads.  This enables young musicians to really free their creativity and with the guidance of an experienced musician it introduces the idea of how creatively powerful technology can be when viewed from a musical perspective.  Using our full set of pre-loaded iPads this provision is being extended to other year groups.

Support for Schools Beyond Cyprus

We provide musical support for MOD schools outside Cyprus including Mount Pleasant School (Falkland Islands),  British Forces Schools in Naples and Brunei .  This support includes individual/small group instrumental tuition which is mainly carried out through video communication.  In addition, the Wider Opportunities programmes are also delivered where requested; regular visits to the schools are designed to follow-up the video lessons. These visits will often include concerts for parents and the local community.