Autumn Term 2022 in Cyprus

In our primary schools:

This term in year 3 we will all be having a go at playing the violin!  All pupils will be learning musical skills like reading rhythms, playing together and responding to sound through the violin.  The aim is to teach musical skills that can be transferred to any musical instrument in the future with a real ‘hand on’ experience.


Children in years 4 to 6 are being offered small group instrumental lessons on Woodwind or Brass instruments (parents must register for these).  In groups of up to 6, children will get an opportunity to try out tenor horns, flutes and clarinets.  Our woodwind pupils will start on the recorder first before we start the difficult task of producing a sound on a woodwind instrument!  After a few weeks of lessons pupils will get to bring an instrument home.


Each school will have a before or after school opportunity for pupils to get involved in music making.  Each school has a unique offer which will be shared by the Music Lead Teacher at the school.


In our secondary schools:

At SJS the Music Service is offering Rock Band opportunities for pupils.  For any pupil who can tap a beat, play a couple of chords, loves singing and wants to play/sing with other people we run rock band lessons.  Register for lessons here.

Violin Shop
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Children Playing Bongo Drums