Apply for Practical Music Lessons

Practical music tuition is an exciting opportunity for pupils in years 3 to 13 to learn transferable musical skills that they can utilise wherever their next step takes them.

As expert music educators we will use our multi-faceted musicianship skills to develop the musician in your child using the staff, instruments and equipment at our disposal as well as engaging other pupils and adapting to the time-zone in your location!

By applying for Practical Music Tuition your child is not choosing an instrument to learn, rather the tutors will select whatever instrument(s) is appropriate for their situation.  If your child has pre-existing skills on an instrument these will be utilised.

Your child will gain general musicianship skills and experiences including playing an instrument, rehearsing , performing, understanding forms of notation and working with a group of musicians.


The Details

Pupils are entitled to a 30 minute lesson in a small group of between 2 and 5.  On occasion individual lessons may be arranged according to tutor’s discretion and are a minimum of 20 minutes duration.  The tutor will be available to teach a minimum of 30 lessons per academic year (10 per term on average).  Lessons take place during the school day.


Instruments are available from MOD Schools Music Service or from your child’s school and are loaned to students at a nominal charge whilst they are receiving tuition.

To apply for lessons please visit our website and complete the online form.  Once we have received your application we will get in touch with details of your local offer.  You will then be sent some paperwork to complete and lessons will start the following half-term once all paperwork has been received.  No payment is made to the music service, school or tutor.  You will be invoiced by Defence Business Services.

Lessons are given weekly and are charged at £60.00 per term.  Payment for each term is invoiced by Defence Business Services and payment is made in Euros or Sterling by bank transfer.

Please note that Euro fees may change slightly each term due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates.